AP/IB/College Credit

Advanced Placement and
International Baccalaureate Credit 

Undergraduate students admitted to Oxford College may receive up to 12 credit hours towards the hours required for graduation.  Students with more than four acceptable AP test scores may receive a non-credit-bearing course waiver for each additional test.  IB test scores and credit from similar internationally recognized testing schemes (e.g., A-levels, French Baccalaureate) will be treated in the same way as AP test scores. 

  1. Students will receive 3 credit hours for each accepted test scores, up to 12 total credit hours. Where two exams are offered in one field, for example English Literature and English Language, languages, or computer science, credit will be offered for one but not both exams.  Students who take both the AP and IB tests for the same course are eligible to have only one test posted for the course.
  2. Students may fulfill GER requirements with AP or IB tests if the equivalent Emory courses fulfill GER requirements. For AP or IB courses that offer only elective credit, students receive credit hours but may not use the test scores to fulfill GER requirements or as pre-requisites for more advanced courses. 
  3. Students may use AP test credit to allow them to begin with more advanced courses. For example, a student with appropriate AP test scores for Economics may begin with ECON 112 if the Economics faculty determine that AP courses cover the curriculum of ECON 101. 
  4. All AP and IB tests with appropriate scores for credit hours or waivers will be posted to the Emory transcript. This will allow a student to use these test scores as pre-requisites, and allow advisors to understand students’ preparation for more advanced courses. 
  5. Test score information must be sent to Oxford’s Registrar’s Office directly from the organization issuing test scores and must be received, at the absolutely latest, by the end of a student’s first semester at Oxford College. To ensure accurate advising, send scores in time to be received by early August. Questions about AP/IB transfer credits can be sent to oxregistrar@emory.edu.

View our Course Credit Equivalencies.  

College Credit 

Newly admitted first-year Oxford College students who wish to receive credit for work taken at another college after acceptance and before enrollment should secure permission/approval from the Oxford Registrar.

For entering first-year students, a combined total of 18 transfer credit hours of the following types of credit may be granted.  Credit hours may count towards the Oxford General Education Program (GEP) and Emory College General Education (GER) requirements, or towards Emory College major or minor requirements, or Goizueta School of Business or Woodruff School of Nursing program requirements.

  1. AP/IB or other test credits (maximum of 12 credit hours.) Departments have specified equivalent courses that these test credits will replace.
  2. Other college credits earned prior to matriculation (that do not count towards the secondary school diploma.)
  3. Students must submit ALL transfer credit information by August 1st