No. Spring Admits are accepted from the Regular Decision applicant pool, and all applicants are notified of their admission decision at the same time. Spring Admits are chosen because of their strong academic potential and personal qualities, as well as a demonstrated independence and intellectual curiosity that assured us they will make good use of the fall semester.  

Students who receive an offer of spring admission have the opportunity to begin at Oxford in the spring semester: spring 2025. Students admitted for the spring semester are not permitted to enroll at Emory University prior, including the fall 2024 semester. 

Approximately 50 students enroll each year in the Spring Admit cohort. 

Spring Admits graduate with their class, the Emory University Class of 2027. They do this by taking classes at other universities before enrolling at Oxford, obtaining AP/IB/Dual Enrollment credit from high school, taking additional Oxford credit hours in some fall or spring semesters, enrolling in Emory’s summer classes, earning Emory domestic transient study credit during the summer between your first and sophomore years, or some combination of these options.  

No. That decision is completely up to you. Spring Admits use the fall to explore their passions and satisfy their curiosity. They can engage in internships, community service, travel, paid employment, or other enrichment opportunities.  

We offer a special orientation program for students beginning in the spring semester. Throughout the summer and fall, Spring Admits will participate in an online transition course for all students called Emory Essentials: Oxford edition. This course is designed to help introduce you to the academic and social life at Oxford College. Spring Admits also attend a unique Spring Welcome program prior to the start of the semester. The program includes a welcome reception, signature leadership development initiatives, and opportunities to connect with other students and departments on campus. Students will receive more information about the Spring Welcome program in the fall.  

Your first semester to enroll in Emory University classes is the spring 2025 semester, at Oxford College. 

No. Spring Admits receive full admission at the time of their notification. They simply begin their Oxford experience in the spring semester instead of the fall.  

When students have completed the required coursework and credits at Oxford College, they will be able to graduate onto the Atlanta campus, where they will enroll in Emory College, Goizueta Business School, or the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing. There is no separate application process required for students to move into Emory College or the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing; it is a seamless process within Emory University. All undergraduate students interested in moving to Goizueta will need to apply.  

Your Admitted Student Website outlines all of the different on-campus and virtual programming available in April. There will be ample opportunity to learn more about Oxford and interact with current students. Additionally, you may connect with our student ambassadors through our website here to ask questions and have more one-one-one conversations.

Students who begin Oxford in the spring are an integral part of our campus community. Oxford’s student life thrives with its tight-knit student body, and we are excited to welcome you to campus in the spring. You will be able to take full advantage of the opportunities and experiences offered on campus, including leadership in clubs and organizations, research on campus, employment opportunities, and more. Our residential and campus life staff, as well as your faculty adviser, will make sure that you are well prepared for a smooth transition to the Oxford community. Additionally, the Emory Essentials online program will help you prepare to begin in the spring. Lastly, by joining the Oxford College of Emory University Class of 2027 Instagram group (@emoryoxford2027), you'll be able to interact with your peers right away.

Once you are an enrolled student and have joined us on campus, you will be able to take advantage of activities on the Oxford and Atlanta campuses, join student clubs and organizations, and attend college sponsored events. While you cannot participate in on campus events during the fall semester, you have a lot to look forward to in the spring. Spring Start orientation will include a Coke toast, team builders, and leadership development activities. The spring semester is also when we have our famous pancake breakfast, spirit week with daily events and themes, and alternative spring breaks trips.

Taking coursework over the summer or fall can be one great way for Spring Starts to ensure they will graduate with their class, but students may not enroll in another college or university as degree seeking.* A student who enrolls in another institution as degree seeking during the fall semester will forfeit their admission status and their enrollment deposit. 

Spring Start students may transfer credit for up to two courses. Typically, one college course is three credit hours at Emory University, in which case a student could expect to transfer 6 credit hours. There is a process for students to request to have their college credit evaluated. We will communicate a pre-approval process for you so that you can understand what Emory University credit you will receive for the classes you take at other universities. The Oxford Advising Support Center will invite you over the summer to virtual academic advising meetings specifically related to this and your overall academic plan at Oxford.  

*Many colleges and universities offer the option to enroll in classes without working towards a specific program completion or degree, usually referred to as non-degree seeking. Please explore these options instead of enrolling as a degree seeking student. 

Students admitted for the spring semester are not permitted to defer their enrollmentIf a fall start is preferredyou may re-apply 

We cannot guarantee that your roommate has also been admitted for the spring semester. Living with a roommate who began at Oxford in the fall semester will be a great way to meet your classmates and build community on campus. If you have a preferred roommate, you will be able to note this on your housing application 

Spring admits will immediately be immersed in Oxford's rich social life as soon as they arrive on campus. They will have the opportunity to join student organizations, attend leadership retreats, and connect with their peers. They will also have a dedicated sophomore student leader to help them navigate the diverse and exciting involvement opportunities. 

Spring Admits are guaranteed on-campus housing and will receive more information in November from Residential Education and Services (RES) about completing a housing application. If you have any questions, please contact RES at 

Financial aid packages will be available to anyone with a complete financial aid application. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at or 770.784.8328. 

You can contact an Anne Knauf, the Spring Start coordinator in the Office of Enrollment Services by calling 770.784.8328, or by emailing