Information Technology

The Oxford College Information Technology team—we’re called OCIT—wants to create a vibrant technology environment that enhances your liberal arts experience. Following are our recommendations and requirements for your smooth transition to campus.

Getting Started

  • Computer Requirements: A laptop meeting the following specifications:
    • Operating System: Windows 10 or Macintosh 10.14 or later
    • CPU: Dual Core 2GHz
    • Memory: 4GB minimum; 8GB recommended or larger
    • Storage: 128GB
    • Additional needs: microphone, speakers/headphones, webcam (to participate online with Canvas and Zoom)Internet: reliable access with download/upload speeds of at least 800kbps (test your speed here)
  • Security
  • Get Connected to Wifi (EmoryUnplugged)
     EmoryUnplugged; covers the entire campus from residence halls to the quad.  You must be on campus to connect your laptop, phone, and other devices. Connecting to EmoryUnplugged
  • International Students Technology
    • Outside of the United States, to access Emory resources requires Virtual Private Network (VPN). Instructions for VPN in off campus network connectivity

Tools you will use

  • Online Pathway to University Services (OPUS): To register for classes, check grades, review bill, update your privacy settings and much more.
  • Audio/Video Conferencing (Zoom): To connect with your advisor, meet your future roommate, talk in class use this video and audio conferencing tool.
  • Digital Learning Environment (Canvas): Is a Learning Management System used by your teacher to share class syllabus, rubrics, assignments, discussion boards, communicate, grades and other teaching needs.
  • Email: All official communications from your teachers, advisors, and administrators go to your email address. Access that and calendar via:
  • Access email on your smart phone: Instructions
  • Microsoft Office: The basic MS Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote) is available at no cost. To install go to > My Account > Install Office.
  • EaglePrintfor use on Emory-wide printers, installation instructions
  • LinkedIn Learning: large variety of free online courses through Emory

Remote Learning

IT Services provided

IT Help