Class Registration

Registration is a great time to explore everything that Oxford College has to offer. Think of course registration (enrollment) as a process and not a one-time event. We know registration can feel like a stressful experience, and your first-semester schedule may change many times before it is finalized. That’s why we recommend students plan for multiple versions of their schedules, and we are here to support you through this process.

Important Dates and Checklist Reminders

  • May 15: Begin Emory Essentials Oxford Edition Canvas Course and review Reference Pages
  • July 9: OPUS shopping cart opens (begin exploring classes)
    Review fall 2024 schedule of classes using the Course Atlas tool
    Begin scheduling online preregistration advising appointments
  • July 15: Submit Discovery Seminar preference form
    Complete First-Year Advising Questionnaire
  • July 8–August 9: Attend Large Group Course Planning sessions (students must complete Emory Essentials Oxford edition Modules 1 and 2 before these sessions)
  • August 1, 11:59 p.m.: Placement exam deadline (first-year writing, chemistry, math, and world languages)
  • August 12–14: First-year class registration for fall 2024 (check OPUS later this summer for your official enrollment times)

2024–2025 Canvas Emory Essentials, Oxford Edition Online Orientation and Registration Tools

Scheduling Individual Advising

Detailed information about how to schedule individual advising meetings will be posted in the Emory Essentials Oxford edition Canvas course.  

Over the summer, you will have access to an online Canvas Course known as Emory Essentials Oxford Edition to help prepare for your transition to Oxford College. The canvas course features information about Oxford's General Education Program (GEP), academic policies, tips to help you prepare for class registration, and more.

While many of us are accustomed to finding new information through search engines, the best way to plan your academic time at Oxford is by reading the Canvas course pages. By completing the academic modules in this course, you become eligible to attend Large Group Course Planning (Registration Preparation) information sessions or schedule an individual virtual academic advising appointment with the Advising Support Center (ASC).

Individual Appointments

Individual appointments are first-come, first-served and require completion of the Canvas academic modules, submission of your Discovery Seminar preference, and completion of your First-yearAdvising Questionnaire.   

Emory Essentials Oxford Edition Canvas Course

  • Registration Information and Planning Material
  • Placement Testing Information (specifically for first-year writing, math, and Arabic language)
    • NOTE: Some placement exams are found in different online platforms. Be sure to read the placement testing information on this website very closely.
  • Preprofessional Academic Advising Materials (for students interested in pre-health, pre-business, pre-nursing, or dual degree pathways)
  • Links to Large Course Planning (Registration Preparation) information sessions
  • Links to the Peer Advising Network (PAN) team and its programming
  • Academic Department and Program Information Sessions
  • Campus Resources
  • Information about New Student Orientation

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Navigating Canvas

Information about Academic Advising

Discovery Seminar Advisers

Fall start students will be assigned their Discovery Seminar course with their assigned adviser in early August. Spring start students will be assigned their Discovery Seminar advisers mid-fall (October). Students will have the opportunity to meet with their Discovery Seminar faculty advisers during New Student Orientation. Fall start students should remember to submit their Discovery Seminar preferences by the July 15 deadline. Spring start students will be required to submit by October 15. 

Students will be invited to connect with the Advising Support Center through Large Group Information Sessions or individual appointments (first-come, first-served). Eligibility to participate in both requires completion of Canvas modules and completing items on your first-year checklist. Meetings will be held via ZOOM Eastern Standard Time (Students in different time zones need to adjust for the time difference). While advising appointments are not required, they are encouraged. Students are also welcome to email the Academic Support Center with questions. 

Large Group Course Planning Sessions

If you cannot attend an individual appointment, you can easily attend one of the Academic Advising Center's Large Group Course Planning (Registration Preparation) sessions. Large Group Course Planning information sessions will be offered throughout July and early August for fall start students. Sessions for Spring Start will be held in late September/October. During these group sessions, an Academic Advising Center team member, with support from the Peer Advising Network (PAN) team, will walk you through class registration, review first-year requirements and Oxford's General Education Requirements, and help you generate ideas for your first-semester schedule. 

Additional Information
about Academic Advising