Residential Life

Residency Requirement

All Oxford College students are required to live on campus. The on-campus living experience provides students the opportunity to fully engage in outside-the-classroom activities such as evening concerts, theatrical productions, club events, and study sessions. 

Residency Requirement Exception

Due to certain circumstances, students may want to request commuter status. A commuter is defined as a student living at the primary, permanent address of their parent/legal guardian located within a certain mileage of the Oxford College campus. Commuter status is an exception to the residency requirement and is granted on a case-by-case basis. 

Email to learn more about commuter status

Residential Education and Services

The Office of Residential Education and Services oversees Oxford's four residential communities on campus:   

  • Murdy and Elizer Halls
  • Fleming Hall
  • Jolley Residential Center 
  • Haygood Hall

Its professional and student staff members live and work in the Oxford residential halls, empowering residents to respect each other as individuals, seek new experiences, and take an active and creative role in shaping their living environments.  

Meet the Residential Education and Services Staff Members

Housing Application and Selection Process

  • Spring Start Deadline: December 1
    Assignments Available: January 2024 via MyHousing portal


After your deposit has been processed, you're able to access the online housing application portal (“MyHousing”). You'll need your Emory User ID and password to access this website.

Agree to Terms and Conditions

To complete the housing application, you must agree to the terms and conditions of residence hall living. You will receive a copy of the Oxford College Housing Agreement once you complete your housing application. 

You'll be prompted to read and indicate your acceptance of these terms before you can move on to the next stage of the application process through MyHousing. If you're under the age of 18 at the completion of your housing application, your parent or legal guardian will receive an email. This email will request they click a link and complete an electronic signature in order for your application to be accepted. If your parent does not receive this email upon completion of this application, please email and request that we resend the verification. In the email, please inform us of your parent's name and email address.

Select Type of Hall or Floor

You won't get the chance to select a desired residence hall space. You'll have the chance to select the type of hall (single gender or co-ed) and type of floor (single gender, co-ed, gender-inclusive).

  • A single gender hall/floor is a hall/floor that houses one specific gender.
  • A co-ed hall/floor houses male and female residents with each room housing residents of the same gender.
  • Gender-inclusive housing contains all gendered residents allowing residents to live with another resident(s) of any sex or gender in the same room, based on a mutual roommate match. Restrooms within a gender-inclusive housing community can also be used by residents of any sex or gender.

Students will be able to indicate their interest in gender-inclusive housing on their housing application. In order for students to receive an assignment in gender-inclusive housing, they must match with a roommate that is also interested in living in gender-inclusive housing. Understanding that all incoming Oxford students will not know other incoming Oxford students, we will work with students that are interested in living in the gender-inclusive housing community that do not have a selected roommate.

If you don't identify with the gender listed on your college admission application, or have any questions regarding gender-inclusive housing, you may contact Claudia S. Zanjanchian, Assistant Director of Residential Education and Services, at, or at 770-784-8383.

Room and Roommate Assignments

Our housing system assigns students based on date of completed and received housing application, living preferences, and personal preferences. The system houses students in order of completed housing application but assigns students at random based on the living preferences. This means that students with completed/received housing applications in April will be housed before students with completed/received applications in May. The assignments will be at random based on available space. 

The number of students who choose to attend Oxford College has an impact on the types of housing available. In some cases, students may be assigned to what we call interim housing, which are study lounges that we convert to student rooms, or some larger double rooms that are converted to house three students. All of these spaces are still on campus in our residence halls and still have many of the same amenities as standard rooms on campus. We will reach out to you if you are assigned to live in interim housing with more information about what to expect from your on-campus living experience.  


You can select your own roommate, search for a roommate, or be assigned a roommate. Living with a roommate is one of the defining experiences in a student’s college career. You will learn shared responsibility, conflict resolution, compromise, flexibility, and in many cases, you will get to know someone who is different from you.

Searching for a Roommate 

As you begin the journey of finding a roommate or building a roommate relationship, remember to be honest in sharing your values and lifestyle on your housing application and while talking to possible roommates. 

You can search for a potential roommate through the MyHousing portal. You can create a profile (Profile and Billing tab) and search for roommates based on the same questions used to complete the "personal preferences" section of the housing application. You may want to use advanced search feature through MyHousing to assist you.   

Random Roommate Assignment 

The majority of incoming students choose to be randomly assigned a roommate based on living and housing preferences. You do not have to request a specific roommate to receive housing, our system will match you with a roommate based on your application preferences if you do not request someone.  

Please Note

Roommate requests must be mutual. All roommates will need to go into their respective MyHousing pages and request/accept each other. Do not allow "unmatched" roommate requests to stay on your account.

Making Yourself at Home

Packing Guide

Want to know what to bring—or not bring—to campus? View our packing guide for lists of items on-campus residents often find helpful. The “bring” list is not a list of required items, nor does it represent everything you might want or need. The packing guide also includes a list of items you cannot bring, along with information about things you may choose to leave at home.

Explore Our Packing Guide

Residence Hall Services

Residence Hall Linens

Dormify offers matching linen sets (extra-long twin sheets, comforters, towels) and storage items for the college student. Their Value Pack has everything you need for campus living. Spend your time searching for residence hall room accessories, not linens.

Care Packages

Dormify also offers gifts and care packages to help parents and families connect with their students during critical times of year (such as exam periods, holidays) or really, whenever they feel like it. Be sure to check out the healthy, special diet, and gluten-free care package options.

MicroFridge Rentals

Collegiate Concepts offers combination microwave/mini-fridge rental services for Oxford students. This is the only way to have a microwave in your individual residence hall room. Note that only one MicroFridge unit is allowed in each two person room. Rooms with more than two students may have up to two MicroFridge units. For more information, please visit, or contact Collegiate Concepts at 515-597-2303.